Is it Better to Do Skincare Before or After Shower?

One of the most common debates in the skincare world is whether it’s better to do your full skincare routine before or after taking a shower. There are valid arguments on both sides of this issue. Let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of doing skincare before vs after showering.

Benefits of pre-shower skincare

Doing your skincare routine before hopping in the shower has some advantages:

More Time for Absorption

By doing skincare before showering, your products have more time to penetrate your skin before the warmth and moisture from water get involved. This is especially important for thicker treatments like serums essences and face masks.

Better Focus

Taking the time to do skincare separately from showering allows you to fully concentrate on each step and product. You won’t be rushing in and out of the bathroom.

Avoids Over-Stripping

The hot water in some showers can strip skin of its natural oils. Doing skincare first forms a protective barrier and prevents skin from feeling too tight afterwards.

Upsides of post-shower skincare

On the other hand, there are also benefits to incorporating skincare into your shower routine:

Clean Slate

Showering fully cleanses your skin and removes dirt oil and impurities before layering on products. This allows for better absorption.

Pores Are Open

The warmth from water helps skin cell turnover and opens pores up temporarily. This makes it easier for ingredients to sink deep and do their jobs.

Softened Skin

Steam and moisture from showering can gently exfoliate away dead skin flakes. Skin feels smoother as you moisturize afterwards.

Locked-In Hydration

While skin is still damp after washing, applying toner, serum and cream seals everything in and prevents water loss.

Which is better pre-shower or post-shower skincare?

When it comes to the is it better to do skincare before or after shower debate the answer is – it depends! Both methods have merits and what works best varies depending on your individual concerns seasons and products used.

For thicker creams and treatments in fall/winter when skin needs more TLC pre-shower is ideal. But post-shower works well for lighter lotions in warmer weather or on acne-prone skin. Ultimately, listen to your skin and do what feels most comfortable and effective for maintaining your skin’s health. With some trial and error you’ll figure out the optimal routine.

Tips For Maximizing Results

Regardless of whether you do skincare pre-shower or post-shower follow these tips to make the most of your products:

  • Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying anything
  • Pat skin gently after showering to prevent over-drying
  • Apply thicker creams to damp skin for better absorption
  • Wait for each step to fully sink in before moving on
  • Incorporate exfoliating 1-2 times weekly for cell turnover

With the right products and techniques your skincare will be optimized no matter which part of your routine you choose to do it. Focus on consistency for best results over time.


In conclusion, the debate over whether it is better to do skincare before or after a shower ultimately comes down to personal preference and individual skin needs. While there are valid arguments for both approaches it is important to consider factors such as skin type the products used and personal habits.

Pre-shower skincare routines can effectively cleanse the skin and prepare it for the shower while post-shower routines can help lock in moisture and provide additional hydration.





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