My teeth started becoming crooked when I was in my late teens. After putting it off for several years, I finally decided to get Invisalign treatment at age 25 to straighten my teeth. I chose to get Invisalign from my general dentist instead of an orthodontist, as it seemed like a more affordable and convenient option.

However, after over 2 years of treatment, my teeth were still not straight. In fact, my bite had gotten worse. That’s when I realized my Invisalign treatment had actually ruined my teeth.

How Invisalign Ruined My Teeth?

Due to the improper treatment planning and my non-compliance, my Invisalign ruined my teeth in several ways:

  • My top teeth became more protrusive and crooked than before.
  • My bite became unstable, making it difficult to chew properly.
  • Several cavities formed between my teeth due to trapped food.
  • Gum recession started occurring due to misaligned teeth putting uneven pressure.

As advised by an orthodontist I consulted later, correcting the damage caused by the failed Invisalign treatment would require 1-2 years of braces wearing, along with gum grafts for recession. It was certainly not the quick or discreet straightening experience I had hoped for with Invisalign.

Not Following Instructions Properly

One of the main reasons my Invisalign treatment went wrong was because I did not follow the instructions properly. I would often forget to wear my aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day. I also did not take them out before eating. This led to food getting stuck between my teeth and aligners. Not wearing them as directed meant my teeth did not move into the right positions.

Getting Invisalign from A General Dentist

Another big mistake I made was getting my Invisalign treatment from a general dentist instead of an orthodontist general dentists do not have the extensive training in orthodontics that orthodontists undergo. This meant the planning and management of my treatment was not optimal.

Lessons Learned About Invisalign

In summary, my experience taught me some valuable lessons about getting Invisalign treatment:

  • It is crucial to follow the dentist/orthodontist’s instructions to the T for best results.
  • Choosing an orthodontist over a general dentist is advisable for proper treatment planning and management.
  • Actions like not cleaning aligners properly or drinking staining drinks can Invisalign ruined your teeth.
  • Invisalign might not be suitable for complex cases best handled by braces.

In the end, while Invisalign is great for many, it is important to understand its limitations and get treatment only from certified professionals to avoid a situation where it Invisalign ruins your teeth. A thorough consultation is necessary to ensure the best orthodontic solution.

How Invisalign Ruined My Teeth?